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Saturday, December 11, 2004

Ask Rush Limbaugh

How has the right-wing media reacted to the Rumsfeld-in-the-hotseat incident in Kuwait earlier this week? Outrage over the lack of armored vehicles? No. Outrage over the fact that the manufacturers of Humvees refuted Rumsfeld’s claim that the Humvee companies were working at full capacity and couldn’t possibly increase production? No.

The Right is directing its fury at the embedded reporter who prompted the U.S. soldier to ask Rumsfeld about the lack of armor and other equipment. Click here for details. U.S. soldiers fighting in Iraq without armor – whatever. The fact that Rumsfeld lied and said Humvee manufacturers were working at full capacity and couldn’t possibly increase production, and then got called on his lie – by the Humvee manufacturers – right in front of God and everybody? No biggie. But, Oh My God, a reporter prompted this soldier to ask Rumsfeld about this inexcusable situation – what an Outrage!

Let’s look at some early American history through this same Rush Limbaugh lens: Sure it’s too bad the colonists were being bullied and victimized by their British colonizers, but the Boston Tea Party was illegal. Private property (the tea) was illegally dumped into Boston Harbor, and yet our pinkotreehuggerfrenchsissy history books are portraying these rabble-rousers as heroes?!?

It can be very entertaining to read the right-wing media’s totally backward slant on current events; but unfortunately, lots of gullible people read and listen to this dreck, and they believe it.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Right on! It's a sad commentary when a soldier has to be prompted to ask a question about just why the equipment he/she has been given to do the job is so shoddy. These kids are on the front lines, should have the best equipment available, and should not have to beg for better stuff. Rumsfield lying about the lack of Humvees was par for the course. Limbaugh should be asking why we just accept this crap, instead of lambasting some poor soul for bringing it up!!


December 11, 2004 at 7:49 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

As you said the manufacturers have not been asked to step up even though they have asked the pentagon several times if they could.

Remember John Kerry mentioned this same thing at the debates and he was painted for not supporting our troops.

One Paper compared this to a potential Port Chicago style incident. They may be right.


December 11, 2004 at 10:07 PM  

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