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Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Al Qaeda/Iraq Connection: Bush was Right!!!

Al Qaeda has struck a deal with the most ruthless insurgency leader in Iraq. After all these years of arguing — Yes, there is an Iraqi/al Qaeda connection. Oh my God, Bush was right about this. He knew!! Of course, this connection didn’t exist three years ago when Bush was drumming up hysteria about Iraq.

But he must have known that invading Iraq would alienate millions of Iraqis and turn this previously secular country into a magnet for religious terrorists. Since there wasn’t an Iraqi/bin Laden connection when he said there was one, he probably figured “by God, I’m gonna be right and create a connection between them.”

Sort of like when the government was wrong about marijuana being a killer weed, so they decided to make it a killer weed by spraying paraquat on it.

And speaking of the Iraqi war and how long we’ll probably be quagmired there, here is the real reason Bush is so strongly Pro-Life.

Have you been faithfully waiting for the Rapture, that long-awaited event in which God will summon the Faithful to Heaven? Well, sorry Bub — you missed it. According to observers, the Rapture already happened several weeks ago.

If you’re still here — well, don’t know how to tell you this, but that ship has sailed. Sorry, no magic pudding, no spaceship. Looks like you’re gonna have to stick around and help us solve the world’s problems — as God intended.


Blogger Jet said...

Great post Tom. I'm sure Bush is deeply gratified to finally get something right; who cares is the timeline is a little screwy?

Sorry I missed the rapture, I think flying naked would have been pretty fun.

April 5, 2005 at 1:51 PM  
Blogger Tom Harper said...

Jet: For Bush, it probably doesn't matter about the timeline. He'll probably just point to all the terrorist activities in Iraq and say "I told you so."

April 5, 2005 at 5:11 PM  
Blogger Unadulterated Underdog said...

Thank goodness someone else finally made this conclusion! I was saying the same thing last year and most people, particularly conservative pundits, said some pretty nasty things to me. I am glad someone else came to this conclusion finally. Cheers!

April 5, 2005 at 7:29 PM  
Blogger Cuevas said...

I fight with people on the right about this all time. I'm so sick of people not being more upset that we went to war on Iraq on the bases of lies.

April 5, 2005 at 10:45 PM  
Blogger Ken Grandlund said...

just another link in the propaganda chain, except this time with consequences more serious than just pulling the wool over our collective eyes.

rapture? that was a great blondie song. (but the article was a fun read!)

April 5, 2005 at 11:36 PM  
Blogger Tom Harper said...

OK Democrat: Hopefully more people will get irate over the fact that we invaded Iraq for non-existent reasons. The fact that they're having free elections now doesn't cut it. Anyone can look back on a bad decision they made and find a silver lining.

Cuevas: It's too bad more people aren't upset over the whole Iraqi debacle, but I'm hoping that will change.

Ken: Yeah, this particular propoganda had some really serious consequences. And I thought Rapture was Blondie's best song.

April 6, 2005 at 12:14 AM  

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