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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Bush Administration: Another Broken Promise

The FDA was supposed to make a decision by September 1st on whether to approve Emergency Contraception (aka the morning after pill). This was a written promise provided by the Bush Administration. What, Bush would lie?!?

During the confirmation vote for Lester Crawford to head the FDA, Senators Hillary Clinton and Patty Murray (D-WA) put a hold on Crawford’s confirmation. When Crawford was the temporary head of the FDA, he voted against making Emergency Contraception available without a prescription.

During Crawford’s confirmation vote, the Bush Administration promised that if the two senators released their hold on his nomination, the FDA would in return make a decision by September 1st. This past Friday the Bush Administration announced they would be delaying the decision indefinitely. Lying sack of shit!

Most of the FDA’s doctors and scientists (as well as the general public) are in favor of over-the-counter access to Emergency Contraception. If the FDA would rather listen to a few well-organized Bible-thumping organizations, the agency should change its name.

You can make a difference. Please click here. You can sign a petition asking the FDA to approve Emergency Contraception. This should be a decision made by doctors and scientists and the majority of the voters who agree with them.

The number of unintended pregnancies would be reduced by 50% with Emergency Contraception. This is extremely important for rape survivors. Not that the book-burning speaking-in-tongues community ever had much empathy for rape victims.

Make the Bush Administration keep its promise (for once).

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