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Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Even Scarier Than Halloween

Halloween is coming, and far scarier than any spooky costume is the recent news item about Chief Justice William Rehnquist being diagnosed with cancer. With all due sympathy to Mr. Rehnquist (and all due respect to someone who’s been on the Supreme Court for 3 decades), this creates the scary prospect of a Supreme Court vacancy during the next 4 years. Meaning, of course, that if George Jr. gets re-installed for four more years and gets to pick the next Supreme Court Justice…….

Are you getting scared yet? Think: Roe vs. Wade. (There’s a rumor that George W. Bush used to think Roe vs. Wade referred to George Washington trying to decide how to get across the Delaware River, but I digress.) These 3 items together – President George W. Bush, Supreme Court vacancy, Roe vs. Wade – should be far more terrifying than any Halloween costume or horror movie.

Hopefully, some of the undecided voters, or even non-voters, are women who have gotten complacent about Roe vs. Wade, and will now be galvanized – shocked – into voting (for Kerry!). There are probably millions of affluent voters who are pro-choice but who don’t want their personal wealth, or the status quo, jeopardized by a “flipflopping” “tax and spend liberal” like John Kerry. (Adolph Hitler was right – if you keep repeating the same Big Lie enough times, people start believing it.)

The abortion issue has been mostly on the back burner for quite awhile; after all, Roe vs. Wade has been the law of the land since the 1970s. It’s easy to forget the countless deaths from back-alley abortions, as well as the blatant double standard; i.e. the daughter of a wealthy family could get pregnant, go to “visit relatives” for awhile, and when she returned unpregnant the subject would never be mentioned. Tens of millions of voters weren’t even born when Roe vs. Wade became law; for them the pre-Roe vs. Wade era is just a historical footnote. So, the abortion issue needs to be moved to the front burner – Now!

You can be certain that the Taliban, I mean Republicans, are counting on the complacency of millions of socially liberal but fiscally conservative voters. After all, abortion is “not really much of an issue any more.” Well, now it is. It’s a very big issue. Shake off that complacency and get out there and vote Boy George out of office.

Let’s all get really scared now. Again, that’s President George W. Bush, a Supreme Court vacancy, Roe vs. Wade, and millions of Jerry Falwell zombies just drooling at the chance to turn the clock back 30 years. Oooooooooooooooohhhhhhhh!!!!! No, now don’t pull the blankets over your head and curl up and pretend John Ashcroft isn’t in the room. He is! How can you get him out of your room? By voting for John Kerry on November 2nd.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

In the second debates George Bush talked about how he thought the Dred Scott decision was his example of a bad supreme court decision. No one in the press touched on that. Why would he pick a Supreme court decision that was over 150 years old?

Some would guess because he figured the average viewer would not know what the Dred Scott case was and I will get to that point.

You have to wonder why would he not pick a more modern decision like Brown or Miranda or Flag Burning three classic Right Wing Pet peeves?

In his biography on Thurgood Marshall Carl Rowan describes how the right wing was preparing to do an assault on Miranda but before they could Hollywood picked it up and all of a sudden you had TV cops reading their Miranda rights and making it work - especially Dragnet. If a straight laced cop like Joe Friday could make it work hell any cop could - so the right wing was stymied because the public now thought Miranda was a good idea.

The ironic thing about Dred Scott is because it is considered a CLASSIC conservative decision (do I have to explain Dred Scott?). It was classic States and Property Rights decision -Thomas (that's frightening), Rehnquist and Scalia would have covered it with lip marks.

For George Bush to say it was a bad idea is historic Irony


October 30, 2004 at 9:55 PM  

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