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Thursday, December 30, 2004

Airport Problems

We’ve found the culprit behind all those holiday airport snafus. The airline industry, of course, was humming along just fine – all systems go. Then, out of the blue, and right before Christmas, a rabble-rousing group of sniveling baggage handlers and malcontent flight attendants single handedly brought a thriving industry to its knees. What despicable conduct. Bad! Bad!

US Airways is planning to review the attendance records of those who called in sick during Christmas – some may be disciplined.

Pilots, flight attendants, baggage handlers and CEOs have all taken large reductions in pay and benefits in order to – oops, scratch that 4th one. CEOs and senior management have not taken any cuts to their salaries or their multi-jillion dollar bonus packages. Well, hey, lighten up – they have yacht payments to make.

US Airways CEO Bruce Wakefield said the “operational meltdown” was the result of the “irresponsible actions of a few.” He also said “let us not forget who pays our salaries and my obscenely bloated and totally unearned bonus package – our customers.” (OK, OK, the bold text wasn’t actually part of his speech.)

Pay cut taken by US Airways union workers: 21%. Pay cut taken by their CEO: 0.0%.

There’s even a question of whether this year’s “sickout” was any different from past holiday seasons. According to a union spokesperson, 238 flight attendants called in sick on Christmas Eve this year, as opposed to 261 on Christmas Eve of 2003. 306 called in sick this past Christmas day; 298 stayed out on Christmas of 2003. Oookay.

This is a common corporate PR tactic – blaming a current problem on something that occurs every year. During the winter of 1995-96 in northern California, there were massive power outages, stranding thousands of people for up to a week without electricity. The utility company blamed the entire fiasco on “these unprecedented winter storms.” Everyone who had lived in northern California for a year or longer could see through this line of S%*#@#%. Every winter, northern California has pounding rain and howling winds – 1995 and 1996 were no different. This particular utility company was very short-staffed because of major cost-cutting and downsizing (just like the airlines, come to think of it).

Instead of having the stones to admit that their corner-cutting and downsizing are the cause of their fiascos, these CEOs and senior executives would rather look for a scapegoat – the weather, unreliable employees, etc.

So, a few airline employees will be disciplined (after taking a 21% pay cut); CEOs and senior management will keep their gargantuan salaries and bonus packages (and somehow they’ll still be able to look at themselves in the mirror). And the beat goes on.


Blogger birdwoman said...

Actually, the beat probably won't go on.

This little trick will probably be the straw that breaks the camel's back. And the big whigs will still get their golden parachutes, but the little guys will be out of work, with little skill to get them new employment.

Life sucks.


December 31, 2004 at 3:02 PM  
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