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Wednesday, December 22, 2004

New Numbers for Bush

For the first time since the start of the Iraqi war, a majority of Americans now believes it was a mistake to invade Iraq. A majority also believes Rumsfeld should be given the heave ho.

56% believe the Iraqi conflict is “not worth fighting.” 35% approve of Rumsfeld’s job performance; 52% say he should be shown the door. 58% think Iraq will not be ready for elections next month. 57% disapprove of Bush’s handling of Iraq.

48% approve of Bush’s overall job performance; 49% disapprove. By contrast, Clinton had a 60% approval rating at the beginning of his second term. And yet, Bush has a mandate and Clinton didn’t. Hmmmmm…

Along with these new percentages, there is still more trouble looming for the Bush administration and the defense department. New documents – obtained under the Freedom of Information Act – are showing that the torture of captives by American forces has been far more widespread and more systemic than we ever knew. Click here for the gory details.

At this rate, Bush’s inauguration speech may have an even more defensive and more belligerent tone – “did not,” “did too,” “takes one to know one” – than last year’s State of the Union speech.

These survey results seem to indicate Bush’s “political capital” is starting to wither before he even gets a chance to spend it.


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