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Sunday, December 12, 2004

Endangered Species? Tough #%#$#!!

The Bush administration is going to allow developers, timber and mining companies, to continue their projects to completion even if it’s belatedly discovered part-way through the project that an endangered species would be affected. This decision, known as “no surprises,” will give assurance to developers that once their project is underway, they’re home free.

If development projects went through a thorough approval process with lots of time for public input, the above approach might be logical. But since Day One, Bush has been constantly pushing for faster and more streamlined approval of development projects, with less and less time for public input. Bush has also been trying (with alarming success) to shield development projects from any type of court challenges. (Didn’t we once have something called checks and balances?)

Reactions to Bush’s latest assault on the environment were predictable. The president of the National Association of Home Builders said the rules strike “a fair balance between … protecting endangered species and building adequate, affordable housing.” A lawyer for some American Indian and environmental groups opposed to the “no surprises” plan, said the rules remain “a legally and scientifically bankrupt policy that can only drive species closer to extinction.”

And the fun is just beginning. Wait until the oil companies (with lots of help from their puppet in the White House) start raping and plundering the Alaska National Wildlife Refuge.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Guess what? Life is FULL of surprises. There is no conceivable reason the surprises should be removed for developers. Permission to build on a piece of land should be subject to any "adverse conditions" that are found during the preparation. Losing a species, or even an individual member of a species, is much more damaging than having a delay in construction, or the need to find another place to build. These politicians who don't care about the environment and just want to line their own pockets should be THROWN OUT.

December 13, 2004 at 10:05 AM  

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