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Wednesday, February 23, 2005

More on Robert Novak

My Friday 2/18 my post was on Robert Novak and what a lowlife sack of shit he is for outing Valerie Plame as a CIA agent, thereby endangering her life.

The Ultra-Conservative Rich Lowry also had a recent column on the same subject. His take
was a little different than mine.

This was my e-mail response to his column (and I‘m suuure he found time to read it):

“In your column you referred to the outed CIA agent as Victoria Plame. Her first name is Valerie. Not Victoria. Do your homework.

“Robert Novak created this whole mess by printing the information that jeopardized Plame's life (yes, it did). Novak should be in San Quentin right now, getting sodomized by 20 or 30 of the biggest, thuggiest, dirtiest inmates in the whole prison.”

I just saw “Anger Management” two days ago, so, to paraphrase a Jack Nicholson line from the movie: Robert Novak should be passed around from cell to cell like a peace pipe.

I try not to post over and over again on the same subject, but this whole issue has really pissed me off ever since the scandal first broke. It’s just unreal that two journalists might go to jail for refusing to name their sources. Novak created this whole mess by choosing to illegally publish this information and endanger this woman’s life, and meanwhile he’s just sitting there, completely unscathed, totally above it all.

It’s just not right.


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