Who Hijacked Our Country

Friday, February 11, 2005

Warnings Prior To 9/11

From April 2001 right up to September 10, 2001, the Federal Aviation Administration received numerous warnings about al Qaeda’s plans for hijacking airlines. This information was previously unreleased by the commission that investigated the 9/11 attacks.

Several of the warnings referred to al Qaeda members going through hijacking training; others mentioned various suicide operations. An FAA spokeswoman said the FAA received various intelligence reports, and passed the information along to airlines and airports.

The FAA received 105 daily intelligence summaries between April and September 10, 2001. 52 of these reports specifically mentioned Osama bin Laden and/or al Qaeda. In 1996 Congress ordered the FAA to improve passenger screening and other security measures.

On 9/11/01 these security measures still hadn’t been implemented.


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