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Friday, June 17, 2005

YOU Could Lose YOUR Internet Access!

There’s a dangerous trend which has been rearing its head more frequently and more blatantly. The corporations who have purchased Congress and the White House are planning to eventually eliminate all government-funded services which “compete” with them.

The most blatant example is Wall Street’s attempt to dismantle, er, I mean “privatize” Social Security.

Less publicized was Rick Santorum (R-PA) bending over for one of his favorite johns, AccuWeather (located in Pennsylvania). Santorum introduced a bill this past April that would prohibit the National Weather Service from providing free forecasts which “compete” with AccuWeather and other private weather services.

Now we have HR 2726, which would prohibit local governments from providing internet access. City governments, schools and community organizations are providing low-cost internet access to countless low-income and rural customers who would not be reached by the cable and broadband conglomerates.

Similar laws have been defeated in several states, so the telecommunications industry is now pushing this at the federal level. Yup, those “States’ Rights” conservatives are at it again.

This bill would prevent local governments from providing “any telecommunications service, information service or cable service” anyplace where a corporation offers a similar service. Eliminating all competition — that's a pretty strange definition of “free enterprise.”

The Internet provides access to thousands of news sources — of all political viewpoints. The mainstream “media” has become little more than a mindless tabloid — a good source of celebrity gossip and corporate / government press releases but not much else. It’s increasingly necessary to go online if you want real news or a wide range of opinions. The way to maintain a level playing field is to keep Internet access as widespread as possible.

We need to stop these corporate attempts to monopolize public services and utilities. It’s a dangerous trend that needs to be nipped in the bud. Kill it before it multiplies.

What’s next? Will FedEx and UPS try to eliminate “competition” from the Post Office? Those pesky libraries are providing unfair competition for Barnes & Noble. Get rid of them!

Please send an e-mail to protect your Internet access and oppose this corporate thievery.

And thanks to Editrix from Mediaocrity for writing about this proposed law (last week).

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Blogger Jake Porter said...

It looks like Alex Jones was correct the government turned our country over to socialism and now they have the money are giving the money over to big corporations. They let the federal reserve take over our money and created the IRS and now own our money.

June 17, 2005 at 11:39 AM  
Blogger I.M. Dedd said...

Next they are going to try to get rid of our government subsidized prostitutes.

Oh...wait...we don't have that, do we?

June 17, 2005 at 11:47 AM  
Anonymous Tom Harper said...

Missouri Libertarian: Basically it's socialism for CEOs; free enterprise for the rest of us.

I was looking through your site; I'm glad you're doing some research on 9/11. I'm not big on conspiracy theories, but there's just too much about 9/11 that doesn't add up.

I.M. Dedd: Of course we have government subsidized prostitutes: Congress, the White House, state legislatures...

June 17, 2005 at 1:01 PM  
Anonymous JollyRoger said...

I have been screaming about reverse-socialism for 4 years now. El Shrubbo is the biggest spender the country has ever seen and he's got it set up for the rest of us to pay it off.

June 17, 2005 at 6:31 PM  
Anonymous Tom Harper said...

Jolly Roger: Yeah, this is an awful direction we're heading in. Romania (up 'til 1989 when their dictator was overthrown and executed) was one of Europe's poorest countries and one of the worst police states. The people were required by law to purchase Christmas presents for the dictator and his family.

It's not quite like that here, but give Bush 3-1/2 more years...

June 17, 2005 at 8:40 PM  
Blogger Kevin said...

The amazing thing is how conservatives just ditto the blatently anti-conservative ideas hatched up by the NeoCons and TheoCons in control of the GOP.

June 18, 2005 at 10:56 AM  
Anonymous Tom Harper said...

Kevin: Oh, it's amazing all right. "Limited government," "states' rights," competition and free enterprise. What kind of competition is there when one conglomerate is allowed to monopolize an entire industry?

June 18, 2005 at 3:59 PM  
Blogger Carson Day said...

Great! Now if they could just eliminate all the government funding for all the other businesses. Then taxpayers would be in business.

June 18, 2005 at 4:54 PM  
Anonymous Tom Harper said...

Ophir's Razor: Which government funding are you talking about? Not sure I get your comment.

June 18, 2005 at 5:05 PM  
Blogger Unadulterated Underdog said...

Lol- just wait. If fundies get their way it might just become illegal for anyone who doesn't fit the "Jesustani NeoCon" model to have internet, publish literature or generally get the truth out. Sound extreme? Well, look how they have scared the msm into doing what they want? Look how they are trying to remodel the government and Constitution after their grand scheme. It's happening folks.

June 18, 2005 at 5:58 PM  
Anonymous Tom Harper said...

OK Democrat: It could happen. Like you say, the MSM either toes the government line or just ignores the real news and just concentrates on celebrity gossip.

Maybe soon, if you offend the Powers That Be, your broadband service will be canceled.

June 18, 2005 at 7:38 PM  
Blogger Snave said...

Wow, guess we had better offend them as much as we can while we still can! Heh! I'll do my part.

June 19, 2005 at 3:15 AM  
Anonymous Tom Harper said...

Snave: Yeah, do it now before International Glutco Broadband cancels your service.

June 19, 2005 at 8:48 PM  
Blogger Toad734 said...

But I thought the government put the interest of the people before the interest of the corporations??

This is a shock!

June 20, 2005 at 7:49 AM  
Anonymous Tom Harper said...

Toad734: I was shocked too. Just devastated.

June 20, 2005 at 10:34 AM  

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