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Sunday, September 18, 2005

Radical California Campus Threatens America’s Morals

Our Godfearing saviors at Front Page Magazine have alerted decent Americans to yet another Leftist/Atheist menace from Northern California. While the liberal media is still dithering with that rainstorm in New Orleans, Kathleen or whatever it was called, at least one Christian publication is focusing on the real menace.

America’s traditional values are being threatened!

A college campus in Monterey, CA has become a breeding ground for the next wave of America-hating treehuggers. During the 1990s, the great American Army base at Fort Ord was converted to a radical left-wing college campus. In other words, a U.S. Army base became a Marxist boot camp.

Some of the favorite code words at this campus are: multi-culturalism, diversity, critical thinking and social responsibility. Oh my God, could this be any more blatant?!? Why don’t they just paint a giant pentagram on the football field and start burning Bibles and killing fetuses?!?

Nowhere in their Vision Statement do they mention anything about capitalism, bootstraps, American Supremacy or eternal damnation for sinners. They’re probably too busy with their devil-worshiping rituals to have any concern for the values that made America what she is today.

Please check out Front Page Magazine regularly. We all need to be aware of the latest threats to the moral fiber of this great nation.

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