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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Who’s Winning in Iraq?

Now that we’ve been quagmired in Iraq for 2½ years, some questions need to be asked. Like, who’s winning? Do we have a plan? Meaning, a solid, focused plan of action; not the soundbite of the day.

This blunt analysis from the Washington Post makes some unpleasant points that need to be made. Every time the insurgency launches another devastating attack, the Bush Administration crows that “the insurgency is in its death throes.” “See how desperate the enemy is — this means we’re winning!”

But are we? Zarqawi’s suicide bombings and car bombings are increasing. And they’ve become deadlier and more effective at paralyzing Iraqi cities. This was obviously not foreseen by the architects of our Iraqi invasion. What happened to the cakewalk? Throngs of grateful Iraqis showering American soldiers with flowers and ice cream? “Mission Accomplished?”

Either the Iraqi invasion was part of a neocon master plan that had nothing to do with Weapons of Mass Destruction or Saddam Hussein’s brutality; or it’s the most ineptly planned undertaking in our country’s history. Either way, American soldiers are paying with their lives while our unaccountable government keeps changing the reasons for why they're over there.

Every day we sink deeper into the quagmire, more American soldiers are killed and maimed, and we hear more Orwellian statements from our “leaders” about how well it’s going. Is anybody accountable? Anybody home?

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