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Monday, December 05, 2005

Major Pornography Kingpin Busted!

We’ve turned the corner in the War on Pornography. A Florida kingpin has been arrested and his computer was seized by the government.

What did this wicked person do? Well – if you’re squeamish, read no further: guys were sending him naked pictures of their wives or girlfriends, and he published them on the Internet. Isn’t that just the most shocking, terrible thing you’ve ever heard of???

After you’ve recovered from the shock and regained your composure, you’ll be relieved to know that Chris Wilson, the evil pornographer, is facing life imprisonment if he’s convicted.

And of course there aren’t any other factors involved here. It’s perfectly normal for someone to get life imprisonment for publishing naked pictures on the Internet. Well, actually there is something else involved here, but I’m sure it doesn’t mean anything.

Chris Wilson’s website, nowthatsfuckedup.com, in addition to naked pictures, also featured pictures – sent by American soldiers – of dead Iraqi and Afghani soldiers. Graphic, sickening, horrifying pictures. After all, that's what war is. Why should we pretend it's clean and sterile like a TV show?

The Pentagon is furious about these war pictures being published, but they can’t do anything about it because Wilson is a civilian. So instead, they notified local authorities in Lakeland, Florida of Chris Wilson’s website and “suggested” he be arrested on pornography charges.

After all, the Bush Administration is desperate to control coverage of the war in Iraq. The “media” gives nothing but sterile, squeaky-clean reports and meaningless platitudes about how things are getting better and better in Iraq. Then along comes some renegade website that shows these gruesome, horrifying pictures the “media” won’t show.

You remember how the Bush Administration reacted to the pictures of flag-draped coffins of American soldiers. Now along comes this website showing horrifying, sickening pictures that completely derail the government’s effort to sanitize the Iraqi war coverage. Between the "feelthy peectures" and the war photos, Wilson's site gets 130,000 visits a day. That's a lot of viewers getting a peek at what Bush and Cheney don't want them to see.

Having seized Wilson’s computer, the government may be able to track down and prosecute the soldiers who sent in the war pictures. Great new Orwellian use for our pornography laws.

Also, if this comes to trial, Internet content will be judged according to the “community standards” of a conservative Florida town. Is this what the Global Village was supposed to be?

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