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Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Disabled Veterans' Healing Program, Anasazi Archaeological Treasures both Threatened by Illegal ATV Rally

Also known as Cliven Bundy:  The Sequel.

Recapture Canyon in southeastern Utah is the location of a 1,000-year old Anasazi pueblo.  Edward Abbey immortalized this area several decades ago.  The land is federally protected.

Recapture Canyon was the planned location for an extensive healing program for disabled veterans.  This program, planned long in advance, was to be co-sponsored by the BLM and the Sierra Club, and would have included Native American Medicine Men and Navajo war veterans assisting in the healing.  This event had been planned for this Thursday, May 8th.

But thanks to the above-mentioned Inbreds on ATVs, this veterans' healing ceremony has been canceled.  May 8th just happens to be the date that these ATV neckdroolers will be holding a protest rally in Recapture Canyon.  This illegal ATV rally is being led by a county commissioner in San Juan County, Utah.  This used to be called Inciting A Riot.  Why isn't that asshole in jail?  (The linked article doesn't give his name.)

The local mouthbreathers want a public 14-mile-long road built in Recapture Canyon, and this Thursday's ATV rally is supposed to draw attention to their struggle against that there commie federal gummint.

The linked article says:

“As for San Juan County’s claims over the land: They have no special rights. Public, BLM lands belong to you and your children, to fishermen in Florida or anyone in New York or San Francisco as much as they belong to residents of Blanding, Utah.  We white settlers in the West often conveniently forget that we were not the first to own the land; we merely got it from others who stole it from people who never claimed to own it in the beginning...We don’t need to see our public lands as a giant free super-market, a cheap place to graze our cows, extract minerals, drill for oil, grow a tourist economy or guide commercial trips.

It would certainly be a shame if a few of those ATVs flipped over during Thursday's rally.  But it would be a huge benefit to the gene pool.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

"BLM lands belong to you and your children"

Old Argument! Fort Knox belongs to me, but let me try to go there and demand some gold, or to March in to Boehner's Office and tell him I pay my salary.

Mad Quote: "You can't take your Government back because it was never yours in the first place"


May 9, 2014 at 2:34 PM  
Blogger Tom Harper said...

Erik: True, "this land is your land" is more of a concept than reality. But things have gone way too far when ranchers and miners use public lands, refuse to pay the tiny fees they're charged, threaten government agents whose job is to enforce these laws, and get away with it. Same thing with this illegal ATV rally. At some point, the federal government is going to have to send in the FBI or the national guard. If not, we might as well throw in the towel and say "OK, if you have an armed posse, then go ahead and take anything you want and we won't say anything."

May 9, 2014 at 8:21 PM  

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