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Friday, January 02, 2015

Emergency Relief Drive for Persecuted Factory Farmers

By the time the Holiday Season has started winding down, we've all become a bit jaded.  After the sixty-third full-page ad showing the heartbreak of poverty and homelessness, and the umpteen hundredth TV news item about somebody receiving a pink slip on Christmas Eve, the sympathy, empathy and compassion have pretty much run dry.  (Admit it!)

But hold on — the Season of Sharing is not over yet.  The following story is guaranteed to have you weeping while you reach for the checkbook.

As you probably know, those comminist animal-rights treehuggers have crippled the family factory farm with their nanny state chicken-coddling regulations.  Chickens are now required to be kept in cages that are large enough for each chicken to actually move around and even flap their wings.  This law only exists in California, but the law also prohibits the importing of eggs from other farm states that don't require the larger cages.

And this brings us to the heartbreaking plight of Jim Dean, president and CEO of Centrum Valley Farms in Iowa and Ohio. One of his buildings that holds 1.5 million chickens is now only half full, just so he can accommodate those sniveling chicken-huggers out there in sunny Californee.  And he might have to completely overhaul one of his other buildings.  And that's not all.  When chickens are tightly crammed into cages, all snug and cozy-like, they keep each other warm with their body heat.  But now the poor farmers might have to install heaters in order to keep them motatin' wing-flappin' chickens warm in the winter.  You fuzzy-headed idealists in Sunny California never thought of that, did you?!?

Jim Dean says:

“You’re talking about millions upon millions of dollars.  It’s not anything that’s cheap or that can be modified easily, not in the Midwest.”

Now doesn't this just tug on the ol' heart strings?  Please Give.

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Blogger Cirze said...

I'd like to give him something.

But it would have a fuse.

And, somehow, that would violate my own "do no harm" creed.

Giving him a piece of my mind would make me feel better personally, but it wouldn't change factory-farming practices a whit as these cretins care nothing for the rest of the world (outside of its ability to enrich their money-making endeavors).

Love your work!

January 3, 2015 at 11:50 AM  
Blogger Tom Harper said...

Cirze: I like your fuse idea. "Do no harm" is a good guideline, but in extreme cases... :)

January 4, 2015 at 11:34 AM  

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