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Monday, December 13, 2004

Abortion (Again)

Since losing the election, Democrats have been meeting and strategizing over the abortion issue: whether they should modify their pro-choice stance in the next election, or at least how to communicate to Middle America they aren’t really (in spite of all the right-wing propoganda) a bunch of bloodthirsty childkillers with a fetish for dead fetuses. Sen. Harry Reid, D-Nev., the new minority leader, is anti-abortion, and the Democrats are anxious to use this for their Big Tent image – all viewpoints are welcome, etc.

One pro-choice school of thought is the “slippery slope” theory: if one single abortion restriction is allowed today (partial birth abortions, for example), this will be the stepping stone to outlawing all abortions tomorrow. The opposing theory holds that by fighting any and all abortion restrictions, Democrats are alienating a lot of moderate voters who are generally pro-choice but are against partial-birth abortions, minors getting abortions without parental notification, etc.

Republicans (i.e. Karl Rove) did a brilliant job of pushing such “moral” issues to the center of the stage, and vilifying and demonizing anyone who disagreed. But do Republicans really have that much empathy for their millions of Christian and moralist constituents (whom they claim are being snubbed and looked down on by Democrats)? This article, while obviously tongue-in-cheek, makes one wonder how genuine the Republicans’ buzz words and slogans were, and how much it was all just calculated. It also makes you wonder how much tolerance for non-Fundamentalists, non-judgmental types there will be during the next four years.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh, my God, not again! I've said it before and I'll say it again: abortion is a women's issue, so get all these old men out of our business!

I am as humane as anyone. It offends me that abortion is used as birth control, because that's just careless. Nevertheless, there are MANY occasions when abortion is quite appropriate. In cases where the woman cannot care for her child, or was raped, in cases of incest, or even just where everybody was careless, it is not okay to bring a child into the world with no promise of a good life. We NEED abortion to be available. We should use it wisely.

These so-called "Christians" don't seem to be clamoring to raise the babies they are trying to make sure are born; there are too many homeless children already. It is no favor to a child to make sure he/she will grow up in a life of poverty and lack of care. I really don't see why it isn't considered humane to prevent that.

Please get off this issue, gentlemen. You are trivializing something that is so important to all of the women in the world, using it as a political hot potato, and speaking as a woman, that offends me more than you know!

Stick to passing laws about money, which seems to be all you really care about anyway!

December 13, 2004 at 10:12 AM  

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