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Friday, October 14, 2005

War on Drugs vs. Katrina Aid

Two problems: A) We’re wasting hundreds of billions of dollars trying to enforce somebody else’s “morals” on the entire population. B) Aid to the victims of Hurricane Katrina is going to cost hundreds of billions, and nobody knows (or agrees) where the money will come from.
Hmmm…disjointed images are swirling around…thoughts are forming…Wait! Let’s test our priorities.

It’s more important to: A) Spend hundreds of billions of dollars to make criminals out of people whose only “crime” was to offend someone else’s sense of “morals.” B) Help the hundreds of thousands of victims of one of our worst natural disasters ever.

If you chose B), you can make a difference.

Here and here are just two examples of the twisted insanity of our War on Drugs.

Tell Congress how you feel. Just fill in the fields and click on Send. You will be asking your Congressional Representative to cut out some of the wasteful spending of the War on Drugs, and use the money instead on helping the survivors of Hurricane Katrina.

Bush and Republicans in Congress would rather trim some of the “fat” (as if there were any) from social and environmental programs, and state and local funding for everything from libraries to police departments.

If you think our gazillion dollar War on Drugs is where most of the fat is, please send this e-mail to your Representative.

Let’s try injecting a little sanity into our spending priorities.

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