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Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Democracy in the Middle East?

Some people are making bleak predictions for any prospect of bringing democracy to the Middle East, saying such attempts could backfire by stoking even more militant Islamic activity. And I say these sniveling naysayers can just take their limpwristed peacesignwearing anti-American asses back to the U.S. Army War College where they came from.

That’s right: the above is the conclusion of a new study by the U.S. Army War College. The same study also says the war in Iraq and the war on terrorism (sorry George, they’re two separate things) are both being jeopardized by the West’s continuing to inadvertently offend Islamic beliefs and customs. American diplomats and military officers will need to develop a deeper understanding of Islamic history if these two wars are to have any chance of success.

The Army War College report is designed as a primer for the Pentagon, detailing the history of the Middle East from the 7th century (the time of Mohammed) to the present.

Militant and moderate Moslems have a long history of disagreeing over interpretations of the Koran and how large a role Islam should play in their lives. (Sort of like Christians, come to think of it.) The Jerry Falwells and Fred Phelpses of our country have taken the most obscure (and most hateful) phrases of the Bible and pushed them to the center of the stage, and this is exactly how their Islamic counterparts in the Middle East have stirred up Arabic hatred for the West.

The U.S. will need to do some incredible diplomatic tightrope-walking (after learning about Islamic history and customs) and cultivate empathy and mutual understanding with moderate Islamic leaders.

Can this be done?


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