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Thursday, September 22, 2005

Heil Sensenbrenner!

There’ve been some recent noises in Congress about amending this year’s bankruptcy “reform” law to exempt victims of natural disasters (Katrina, Rita, etc.) from the stringent new requirements for declaring bankruptcy. After all, they’ve lost everything, including records and receipts proving what they’ve already paid and what they’ve lost.

But Congressman Essen Scheisse Sensenbrenner, Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, has refused to create an exemption in the bankruptcy law. By sheer coincidence, Fuhrer Sensenbrenner owns a quarter million dollars worth of bank and credit card company stocks.

It’s bad enough the way this bankruptcy “reform” came about in the first place. Banks and credit companies dictated the exact language for their prostitutes representatives to put in the bill. And these hookers dutifully bent over, spread their cheeks and did exactly what their johns told them.

Eleven members of Congress voted against the $52 billion aid package for Katrina victims. And yes of course Sheissekopf Sensenbrenner was one of them.

This new and improved bankruptcy law gives credit card companies the power to garnish the wages of people who’ve fallen behind in their payments. Previously, this power was available only to the IRS and mothers seeking child support payments. In other words child support payments are now in jeopardy because of credit card debt being on an equal footing. How many mothers aren’t getting the child support money they need because of this new bankruptcy law? And what’s this say about those “family values” the Far Right is always blubbering about?

Just think, hurricane victims who have lost their homes and vehicles can have their mortgages and car payments deducted from their wages even while they’re still broke and homeless. What a great day for the banking industry!

Now, you can make a difference. Please send this e-mail to Sheisse “James” Sensenbrenner. Ask him to allow this bankruptcy exemption for victims of natural disasters. It’s the least we can do for people who have lost everything.

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