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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Pass the Buck to the Peons

When the going gets tough, pass the buck. Dump the burden on those least able to afford it. It’s human nature of course, but this approach has just been more blatant than ever since January 2001.

If you don’t have a multi-million dollar lobbying group to bribe the government on your behalf, you don’t count. This cartoon is a perfect illustration.

Between our ongoing quagmire in Iraq and providing relief for Katrina survivors, our record deficit has gotten more bloated than ever. Any chance of holding onto the Estate Tax, or canceling / postponing the next round of tax cuts? Hahahahaha! Riiight.

Step up to the plate, peons. Fun’s over. You've had it way too easy.

General Motors is the latest example of a quadruple-chinned 400-pound bloat-a-thon telling a scrawny emaciated laborer to tighten his belt and start pulling more weight.

The company has reported a $1.6 billion loss this past quarter. How can they make up the lost money? Let’s see…executives with 6-figure salaries and 7-figure bonus packages…hmm, can’t seem to think of any — Yesss!!! Healthcare benefits for 750,000 blue-collar workers, retirees and their families. Of course! They won’t mind. Hell, they should be grateful they still have jobs and pensions.

GM will be cutting $1 billion from annual health care benefits, in order to offset their losses. The United Auto Workers union has tentatively agreed to this.

Who will be next?

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