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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Give ‘Em Hell Harry!

Yeeaahhh!!! You go Guy! It’s about time the Democrats stood up and did what they had to do.

And the Republicans are providing some hilarious entertainment with their frenzy of foot-stamping, pouting and tantrum-throwing. They’re pretending not to remember when things were turned around. From 1995 to 2000, Republicans were thwarting and blocking Clinton with every obscure parliamentary maneuver ever invented, and then some.

The Republicans have spent 4-½ years “investigating” themselves, and they keep coming to the same conclusion every time: Nobody did anything wrong and everything is just hunky-dory. Democrats finally decided that enough is enough.

As you probably know by now (since the Republican sobbing could be heard around the world), Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid forced the Senate into a closed session yesterday. The session — lasting more than two hours — was to “persuade” Republicans to continue their investigation into the pre-war claims that led to the Iraqi invasion.

Democrats have been pushing for this investigation for over a year. Republicans have continued to stall and drag their feet.

We need to find out what went wrong. How did 2,000+ American soldiers get killed in a war based on lies and “misunderstandings”? Republicans are either trying to hide something, or they’re just amazingly uncurious about what happened and why.

Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq: Not Found. Ties between al Qaeda and Saddam Hussein: Ditto. Ties between Iraq and the September 11th terrorist attacks: Ditto. Number of people held accountable for these “mistakes”: ZERO.

And yesterday’s closed session accomplished something. The Senate Intelligence Committee has agreed to launch Phase II of its investigation of pre-war intelligence claims. A 6-member task force — 3 from each party — will issue a report on the committee’s progress by November 14th.

Harry Reid said “they have repeatedly chosen to protect the Republican administration rather than get to the bottom of what happened and why.”

Yesterday’s dose of tough love was just what the Senate needed. If the Republican “leadership” keeps dragging their feet and acting like a bunch of spoiled 3-year-olds, they’ll be treated accordingly.

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