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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Like Mitt Romney on Facebook. Follow Paul Ryan on Twitter.

Welcome to Chapter XXXVIII of the GOP’s ongoing “We Didn’t Get Our Message Out” soap opera.  You know the drill.  Putting lipstick on that butt-ugly GOPig didn’t help, so the obvious answer is:   More lipstick.  A different shade of lipstick.  Be sitting in a different position when you apply the lipstick.  Something.  Anything.

According to the two co-founders of Red Edge, a digital strategy group, Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan would have won the 2012 election if only they had made better use of social media.

Co-founder Bret Jacobson said:

“If you had run a really competent, really aggressive digital campaign, you probably could have won an Electoral College vote.  The difference is roughly 450,000 in a couple swing states and you could more than make up for that difference.”

He said the Obama campaign was “incredibly good at empowering people to receive and share information” on the Internet, particularly Facebook.

“They were able to specifically reach out and… help identify these people who need to register to vote.  And it turns out that after a million people logged in, they actually yielded a million real world voter registrations and votes from those people, which is really powerful stuff.”

And now Red Edge wants to bring “Internet culture into the Republican culture.”  In order to do that they need a “tech-savvy candidate who can build a strong digital following.”

The Digital GOP’s Great White Hope?  Rand Paul.  The other Red Edge co-founder, Ian Spencer, said:

“In terms of the grassroots support his father [Ron Paul] has enjoyed, many of whom also support him, I think he's in a kind of unique position to really make some waves online...because there's so many small dollar donors who, who went to Ron and who may now go to Rand.”

Hopefully, Republican campaign managers will master Facebook and Twitter just when those media have faded away and been replaced by the next Internet trend.

In the meantime, please visit Rand Paul at MySpace.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

These Guys wisely talk about a better use of internet tools for the GOP, but what they don't take in account is that these tools can also help the GOP spread their antiquated message better.

Imagine how worse it would be if the guy who talked about defensive rape could put it on his twitter first doing even more damage then TV coverage?

Imagine if Romney's 47% had spread around the their social network if they had one? What these guys don't tell you is that no one owns the internet!

Anybody can plant a message and it's harder to trace then a media story.

Rand Paul? I'm ready for him with his passionate comments he made on the Rachel Maddow show arguing against the Civil Rights Marches of the South. I'll have him on the defensive as the next George Wallace, or Lester Maddox before he can throw his hat or his network in.


March 27, 2013 at 7:52 PM  
Blogger S.W. Anderson said...

"(Republicans) need a 'tech-savvy candidate who can build a strong digital following.'”

Since that genius at winning friends and influencing idiots, Andrew Breitbart, has croaked, I nominate infamous crackpot "operative" James O'Keefe for their tech-savvy guy. Judging by the mentality of Freepers, Red Staters and Worldnut Daily types, I'm sure O'Keefe can build a huge following in no time. Like a pack of stray dogs following a leaking garbage truck.

March 27, 2013 at 10:11 PM  
Blogger Tom Harper said...

Erik: "What these guys don't tell you is that no one owns the internet!"

The GOP is still hoping that a few telecom CEOs will someday own the Internet, and then everything will be fine.

I'm sure Rand Paul's civil rights rhetoric will go over just great if he runs in 2016.

SW: The link didn't work, but I've read plenty about James O'Keefe, none of it good.

"Like a pack of stray dogs following a leaking garbage truck." LOL. Sad but true.

March 28, 2013 at 9:33 AM  

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