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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Free the Internet

As you probably know, the Online Freedom of Speech Act was defeated last week in the House. Actually, it got a majority of votes, but it needed a two thirds majority to pass.

The bill seemed to have almost no opposition in committee, so the House brought it to a quick floor vote. Under this procedure there’s very little debate, and no amendments are permitted. But the bill needs a two thirds majority under this procedure.

Now there are rumblings that the bill will be voted on again under the normal procedure, with only a simple majority required. And yes, amendments will be permitted during this upcoming vote (if there is one).

Currently, bloggers don’t have the same free speech protections that “real” journalists have. You know, those “serious” reporters who say exactly what their CEOs tell them to say, and/or fill their “news” sites with the latest Brennifer and Britney gossip.

The Online Freedom of Speech Act adds this simple amendment to the 1971 Federal Election Campaign Act: “Such term shall not include communications over the Internet.”

This bill has now been introduced in both the Senate and House. Please click here to ask your Senators and your Representative to pass this law.

We all need this important protection. Without it, you could be unknowingly violating Federal election laws just by blogging. You thought you were just expressing your opinion, until you received a crippling fine (or worse) from the Federal Election Commission.

If you don't want this to happen, please protect yourself by sending this message to Congress. The Internet is for all of us, not just the established, bottom-line "journalists."

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