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Friday, November 11, 2005

Religious Right: Nobody Is Safe from EVIL

The American Girl doll company is popular with conservative Christian families because of its wholesome image. The company (owned by Mattel) makes dolls which are dressed in costumes from different periods of American history.

Recently a housewife from Ft. Worth, TX found out that the American Girl company was donating $50,000 to an organization called Girls, Inc. She visited their website and discovered to her horror that Girls, Inc. was in favor of Roe vs. Wade. Not only that, but she also found out that the organization is in favor of certain rights for — Gasp! — Homasexials!!

This righteously indignant woman said “I feel like there's nowhere safe. I have to have a clear conscience.” She has spread the word among friends and associates, and now a tempest is brewing in the Decent Godfearing community.

Another Christian mother has warned that “Girls Inc. is pro-abortion and pro-contraception and pro all the other lies the secular world wants our girls to believe.”

Several Catholic schools have canceled their American Girl fashion shows, where the girls would dress up like their dolls.

The Pro-Life Action League of Chicago has called for a boycott of American Girl. This group is also planning a demonstration outside their Chicago store on the day after Thanksgiving. The demonstrators are planning to bring some of those graphic signs and pictures that anti-abortion demonstrations are famous for.

James Dobson’s Focus on the Family is now getting in on the act (of course). Some people just have waaay too much time on their hands.

The American Girl company has always prided itself on its wholesome, clean-cut image. They’ve been blindsided by this storm of outrage from some of their own customers.

They’re also not sure how appropriate an anti-abortion demonstration would be, right in front of their store and their customers. A company spokesperson said “Given this group’s focus on family values, we will find it particularly shocking and ironic if they choose to use graphic images in front of innocent little girls.”

Irony — now there’s a concept our snakehandlers and bookburners ought to try grasping.

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